No Noise, Just Signals|Comprehensive Data Sources|Alerts delivered through Multiple Channels

Acheived through Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence|News, Press Release, Blogs, Investor Relations, Research Reports, Events & Conferences, Social, Patent Filings, Legal Suits | Email, Mobile, Web, Plugins, API

How Intellizence Works?

Intellizence collects data from multiple data sources available in the web, filters the noise and delivers alerts about various sales and risk signals through multiple touch-points.


Just Relevant, No Noise

Intellizence’s focus is on relevance and not on text matching. We do not dump every news feed that matches your company name (since it may have nothing to do with your company). We achieve this through a combination of human intelligence and natural language processing techniques. It’s not about more news but about relevant information. We understand your time is valuable. We enrich the content with over 45+ common business triggers ( eg. M&A, Fundraising, Restructuring, IPO, Product Launch, etc.,). So you can prioritize what is important to you.

Comprehensive Data Sources

Intellizence sources data from thousands of data sources that includes News, Press Releases, Blogs, Investor Relations, Events & Conferences, Market Research Reports etc., We have partnered with several premium content providers who offer exclusive content that is not available in the public domain. We also source specialized content like Regulatory Filings, Patent Filings, Legal Suits, etc. to meet your customized requirements.


Each user in the organization/team can personalize the companies they would like to track and activate the filters they are interested in. Most importantly, users can even track at the product level (e.g. IBM Watson, Office 365). The email alerts can also be customized to your corporate brand theme.


We understand each user has unique preferences to receive alerts in their particular way. That’s why we can deliver alerts through various communication channels - Web, Email, Mobile App, etc., We also offer an API to integrate with your internal applications like CRM, SharePoint, etc.

Easy Deployment

Intellizence service is available as a subscription service through the cloud. We can get started in just a few minutes with very minimal or negligible effort from Users and Administrators. Users can add/remove companies based on their preference without any dependency on Administrators.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

We want you to succeed in your business. Our dedicated Customer Success Team understands that each customer need is unique and we make sure that we fine tune our service to provide the relevant information at the right time to keep you ahead in your business.


We provide a plugin to integrate Intellizence with leading Sales & Technology Marketing products (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ZOHO CRM).


We understand the importance of confidentiality. That’s why we have taken adequate measures on the technical & legal front to protect your privacy & confidentiality of your data.