Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Intellizence?

Intellizence is a market intelligence service that track companies in the web and send personalized alerts to discover opportunities, spot competitive threats and monitor market trends.

Q. Who are Intellizence’s target audience?

Anyone who is interested in tracking happenings in his/her companies of interest. The companies could be your competitors, customers, partners and prospects. So far, our users are from diverse industries and across various roles – Sales & Marketing, Corporate Development, Product Management/Product Marketing, Legal, Investment Banking, Investment Analysts, Market Research, Market Intelligence etc.

Q. How is it different from other services in the market?

Well, you have to tell us after using our service. We differentiate by providing noise-free, personalized business alerts that are most relevant to you. We don’t clutter every news that matches your interested company names but instead use combination of human intelligence and machine learning techniques to find the most appropriate information relevant to you.

Q. What are the sources of your information?

As of now, we source information about a company that are in the public domain. We source information from comprehensive data sources – News aggregators, News publishers, Press Release Wires, Company websites, Investor Relations, Regulatory filings etc.

Q. Do you have a Mobile App?

Very soon, we plan to release mobile – Android & iOS. Having said that, our application and daily email alerts are designed for responsive delivery (i.e. experience would be adjusted based on your screen formats).

Q. What type of companies that you track?

We track any type of companies ( Startup, Private, Public) as long as we could source information in the public domain.

At this point of time, we restrict companies located in the following countries – United States, Canada & India.

Q. Why a user is limited to only five companies to be tracked?

At Beta stage, we have limited to only five companies per user as there is lot of back-end activities involved to source information for each company. If you like the service and would like to add more than five companies, please write to

Q. Can I have the option of setting-up preferences for email frequency (Time, Daily, Month, and Weekly)?

Our experience shows, email alerts are preferred channel for users to get their updates about their companies of interest. We send maximum only one email per day and that too only when there is an update. At this point of time, the daily alerts are sent at 9:00am Eastern Time. Very soon, users would have the option of setting their preferences for email alerts.

Q. Why do I get sometimes redundant news?

Although the news core story may be the same, we would allow same news from different publishers as different publishers bring unique perspectives about the same news. Typically, our Highlights section contains major headlines across all companies and respective company sections contains one or more news from various publishers.

Q. Why I didn’t get any email alerts?

It could be due to multiple reasons

  • You would have registered but failed to give your consent to receive email alerts ( i.e Clicking the confirmation email after registration is must to send daily alerts to you)
  • In most cases, there might not be any latest news that are not available in web about your companies of interest and/or news that are not relevant for you.
  • Sometime it may land in ‘Spam’ folder. Having said that, we have taken all precautionary measures to avoid our emails landing in spam folder. If you do find our emails in Spam, please bring it to our notice.

Q. Can I Unsubscribe the daily email but still I use Intellizence application?

Yes. You can Unsubscribe email alerts and continue to access Intellizence application anytime with your registered login & password.

Q. How safe is my personal data?

Security and confidentiality is utmost importance to us. We would not share or sell your personal details. We have taken adequate security measures that we could. Except the Founders, no one in the venture has access to our user’s details. Please visit our Privacy Section to know more.

Q. How do I De-activate Intellizence account?

We respect your decision. You could send a mail to with request to De- activate your account. We would process it. It might take a week though.