Professionals from various functions rely on Intellizence service for their business prospecting, risk spotting, client engagement and to monitor market trends.

Intellizence API powers various software products with sales and risk signals about the Companies tracked by their Customers.


"Intellizence helps me stay on top of the clients, competitors and topics I care about. More than a news aggregator, the service pulls from a variety of sources to deliver targeted and digestible information. I'm able to act on the latest developments and trends thanks to my daily updates from Intellizence."

Eric Armstrong Client Service Manager Fenwick & West LLP

“I love the focused data that I get with Intellizence. Instead of getting a “news dump” that I have to sort through, I get only the clearest and most focused information about my clients. On several occasions, I have been able to call my client about some news that I received via Intellizence, and the client was in each case amazed that I had taken the time to learn about the company and make the call. Intellizence helps me keep “top of mind” with my clients and helps me keep my most important clients clearly on my radar screen.”

Donald Johnston Partner Aird & Berlis LLP